The product of IO Design’s work is “NAKED,” a skeletonized open baffle loudspeaker design, which comes in two editions. Having owned and listened to some of the world’s best loudspeakers, the working hypothesis of the team was that traditional loudspeakers can’t be improved beyond the limits of their own concept and laws of physics. In order to move forward, they had to reassess everything from zero-basis and think out of the box. As a result, they … took the box out! 


The heart of the “NAKED” speaker is a deep bass, unique to “NAKED” execution, free of boom and resonances generated from a box enclosure, which may alter timber and harmonics, and in many instances introduce distortions. It also stays true to open baffle advantages, delivering a clean, refined, and natural midrange, evoking the perception that the musicians are in your room. 

The soul of the «NAKED» leans on a shockingly realistic performance, or we should better say «real», achieved by a low decay through space and total preservation of timber, tone and the harmonic structure of the original instruments. 

High technology materials and solutions are diffusely implemented in the “NAKED.” However, technology alone can’t deliver the goods unless is driven by the hearing sense, the emotional engagement, and the knowledge of a lifetime. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum and military grade CNC machining precision. A proprietary laboratory grade anti-vibration structure has been implemented, incorporating torque wrench precision joints tightening (first ever usage to control the resonances), and damped solid steel precision feet with proprietary unidirectional vibration draining flow. In addition, the structure is resonance frequency controlled.

All drivers are precisely matched to the unique “NAKED” frame and are custom made to IO Design specifications, both in performance characteristics and quality standards. The crossover is designed by the IO Design team
Custom loudspeakers drivers precision matching. Proprietary crossover design with top quality electronic components.

The NAKED comes in a wide array of interior design grade frame colors and luxury architectural leather upholstery (non-animal origin). It is shipped on top level wood crates ISPM15 norm compliant and CE certification.


For the discerning audiophiles. The NAKED has a “money-no-object” edition, the “NAKED RS” which elevates the already outstanding NAKED to the next level. The RS Edition, while similar in size and looks, it adds Acoustic Elegance woofers with double coils, top of the line Mundorf components and cabling and 0,5 carat diamond feet instead of 0,35, used on the NAKED. The crossover has also been modified to facilitate the component changes.

From sound performance standpoint, the RS goes deeper than the Naked on bass, while on the mids and highs there is incremental improvement. The energy level is improved as well due to higher grade cabling and double coils on the bass drivers.


Frequency Response25-35.000 Hz (measured in house, +/3 dB, 1 meter)22-35.000 Hz (measured in house, +/3 dB, 1 meter)
Sensitivity91.5 db91 db
Bass2 Woofers 12“ (custom made)2 Woofers 12“ Acoustic Elegance (custom made)
Midrange1 magneto-planar Midrange (custom made)1 magneto-planar Midrange (custom made)
Tweeter1 Mundorf ribbon Tweeter1 Mundorf ribbon Tweeter
Nominal Impedance8 Ohm (minimum 4 Ohm)4 Ohm (minimum 3 Ohm)
Dimensions1550 mm Height, 470 mm Width, 660 mm Depth1550 mm Height, 470 mm Width, 660 mm Depth
Weight80 kg each90 kg each
Shipping weight (wheel carrying system for shipping and positioning130 kg each140 kg each
Specifications can change without notice