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Occasionally we have some special components that are in excellent condition and are looking for a new home. All our current used and demo equipment offers are at the Locrian Audio page at Audiogon and US Audio Mart.

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Octave Audio Preamplifier HP 500 Special Edition (SE)

One of the most beloved all tube European preamplifiers, the HP 500 was produced from 1987 to 2006. Many detailed improvements and changes have been included during these years and have made it tonally even more attractive. The SE has an external power supply and can operate at 115V or 220V. It includes XLR output with transformer symmetrization and the optional MM/MC phono making the device one of the most universal tube preamps of our times.

It is with heavy heart that I listed this preamp for sale. This preamplifier was acquired in 2008. It was the Greek distributor’s demo preamplifier and before he becomes the victim of the Greek financial crisis, I was fortunate to buy it. I have been the sole owner since then. Overall, it is an outstanding preamplifier, with excellent dynamics, timbre and holographic presentation without any audible noise. I would not describe it as overly warm or tubey, but possesses all the tube qualities without the shortcomings. It has been following me in all my international assignments, along with a Vitus SS101 and the German Physiks HRS-120

It is in perfect working order. I would love to see this amplifier go to someone who enjoys analog because its phono stage is at par with many dedicated units costing well over $4,000. For the majority of the audiophiles this preamplifier would be a destination component and it is still supported by Octave, one of the most reputable German audio manufacturers.

Price: SOLD ($12,000 when new)

Harbeth 40.2 – SOLD

I bought this pair new in 2020 when I got stranded for 6 months in lockdown away from home. It is an excellent speaker, in like new condition with original boxes, stands and manual.

I will not describe the sound as it is well documented in multiple reviews and the internet by audiophiles.

Price: SOLD ($19,000 when new), stands included.