EMM Labs Amplifiers

Locrian Audio is a boutique audio dealer and distributor with focus on high end and “no-holds” systems. The brands represented have been selected very carefully, they are recognized internationally in their field by both audiophiles and the specialized press, and have won numerous awards. We have built a proper listening room simulating a normal living environment and have fair representation of products for our customers to audition with matched components.

EMM Labs Logo

We are authorized dealers for EMM Labs and sister brand Meitner Audio.They are reknown for their digital products, however their amplification products are classified as best in class as well.

German Physiks Logo

We are the distributor for German Physiks loudspeakers and Emperor Electronics in the United States. German Physiks is an omnidirectional loudspeaker innovator, using the DDD omni driver. The DDD is a wide range unit with natural voicing and timbre as well as outstanding dynamics, able to recreate the live event closely, given the right source material.

Ypsilon Electronics logo

Locrian Audio is and authorized dealer for Ypsilon Electronics. Ypsilon is a highly regarded manufacturer of high end audio gear. They are part of the most elite audiophile installations and many reviewers use them as the yardstick to evaluate other audio products. They utilize hybrid and tube designs, pursuing circuit simplicity, signal purity and no compromise materials. They make heavy use of transformers to avoid parts that would degrade the signal which are wound by hand in their premises, most constructed by high purity silver wire. The objective since the inception of the company was to bring forward the emotion of the live event along with the faithful reproduction of the recorded material.